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Information for young people

If you would like to apply for a proof-of-age card to verify your age, below is a list of all the current national and regional schemes.

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Age Entitlement Card






Validate UK


Young Scot

Isle of Man


North Yorkshire












Telford and Wrekin



Will my PASS card be accepted everywhere?

Increasingly tough enforcement of legislation to prevent selling to under -18s means that there is very strong pressure on operators to refuse entry if they have any grounds to believe that a person is under 18, regardless of the form of ID they present.

Young people should be aware that there is no automatic right of entry to licensed premises nor is there an automatic right to service of alcohol. Entry is always at the discretion of the licensee for whatever reason he or she decides and the licensee is under no obligation to explain the reason.

Whilst the vast majority of retailers and pubcos support the PASS scheme and include reference to it in their company policies and procedures, front line staff are encouraged to refuse admission and/or service if they are in any doubt whatsoever about a person’s age.

What if my card is refused?

If you have been refused service on the grounds that your PASS card is not considered a valid form of proof of age, please report in the first instance to your card issuer who will carry out an investigation and report back to you. Or you can fill out an online card refusal form. PASS will make every effort to reassure retailers of the integrity of the PASS scheme and encourage future acceptance of PASS cards.

What is the best PASS card for me?

Young people wishing to apply for a PASS card have the option of applying for a proof-of-age card from a national card supplier or, if you live in any of the areas listed at the bottom of this page, you may wish to apply for a card from a regional supplier. The decision to opt for a regional or national card is a personal choice. You may wish to apply for more than one card. Cards issued by local authorities may have benefits locally e.g. for concessionary travel while national schemes may have benefits such as being recognised more widely for purchasing age restricted products such as alcohol and tobacco. The important factor though is to ensure the card scheme chosen is PASS accredited and that the card carries the unique PASS hologram.

Get Passed

Young people can get hold of PASS accredited cards from a number of the card issuers.All cards that are PASS accredited carry the distinctive PASS logo in a hologram.

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