Launched June 2014

New PASS 18+
Design Standard

The new PASS 18+ Standard Design

From June 2014, a new common 18+ design standard will apply across all proof of age cards bearing the PASS hologram. This will make it much easier for door and bar staff to identify – and accept these cards.


The PASS Scheme is the UK’s national Proof of Age standards scheme. Since its launch in 2003, the scheme has proved successful with over 5 million cards issued. However, one major barrier to widespread acceptance, particularly in the night time economy, has been the number of different card designs bearing the PASS hologram, produced by independent card issuers.

With encouragement from the Association of Chief Police Officers, a new single Standard 18+ design (as shown above) is to be adopted in England & Wales for cards issued to young people aged 18 and over. This initiative has the support of the Home Office and is backed by the Association of Chief Police Officers, (ACPO), the Security Industry Authority, the Trading Standards Institute and all the major relevant Trade Associations.

The new card design, launched in June 2014, will not only help ensure those aged under 18 are unable to access age-restricted products/premises, but also mean that those who are legally entitled to may do so, on production of a valid Proof of Age card bearing the PASS hologram. You can also be confident that behind each card is a rigorous application and accreditation process is in place to protect the integrity of the scheme and validate the identity and proof of age.

NB: Old style cards will continue to be seen for some time and remain valid provided they have a genuine PASS hologram.

Remember the 5 Step Process and accept PASS with confidence:

1. Check the design does it conform to the template? (as above)

2. Check the hologram is it genuine?

3. Check the photo
does it match the cardholder?

4. Check the card
has it been tampered with?

5. Check the person
are you totally satisfied?

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