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Carrying a card bearing the PASS hologram means young people can gain access to the goods and services to which they are legally entitled without having to risk carrying more costly documents such as passports or driving licences.

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PASS was launched because fake proof-of-age cards were becoming a widespread national problem, and those who sell illegally to under-age customers are liable to fines and may even lose their licences.

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When a young person produces any card bearing the PASS hologram, the retailer only needs to check the photo and the date of birth, and the sale can proceed.

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To order PASS Training cards please email
stating the quantity you require (multiples
of 500 are easiest) and a full postal address.

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Chief Constable Lee, ACPO Licensing Lead

“Preventing underage sales is a top priority in reducing alcohol harm.  Enormous strides have been made with the police and trading standards working with alcohol companies to drive up standards.  But there is still more to do.  We will only ever completely eliminate underage sales if retailers can have total confidence that any proof of age is valid.  I am delighted to be able to provide a police perspective in addressing this very important issue and to be lending my support to what is an important and well-established agency partnership.”



Problem Resolution

If you have been refused service on the grounds that your PASS card is not considered a valid form of proof of age, please report in the first instance to your card issuer who will carry out an investigation and report back to you. Or you can fill out an online card refusal form.

PASS will make every effort to reassure retailers of the integrity of the PASS scheme and encourage future acceptance of PASS cards.

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Get Passed

Young people can get hold of PASS accredited cards from a number of the card issuers.All cards that are PASS accredited carry the distinctive PASS logo in a hologram.

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When to use your card

card_use_img.jpgThere are a number of occasions when you may need to prove your age by using your PASS accredited card.

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Make PASS the standardPASS launches a new campaign to encourage universal acceptance of PASS as the “preferred” form of proof of age in clubs, bars and pubs.

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