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What should I do if my PASS card is refused?

If your PASS card is refused by a retailer you should complete the online card refusal form. This information will help us contact the venue and find out why the card was refused. This card refusal form will ensure you complete the necessary information that will help the card issuer follow up your enquiry.

Card issuer (ie., who issued the card)

Card Number

Name of Cardholder

Location (Postcode)

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Venue Details:

Business/trading name


Date/Time of refusal

Who refused?

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Need to apply for a card?

Please contact the Card Issuers directly if you wish to apply for a card. For all other enquiries, use the form below and we will do our best to help you with all PASS related issues.

General question about PASS?

If you have a question about PASS, please contact us at