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Our Supporters



The British Beer & Pub Association champions issues that matter to the beer and pub industry. These are causes its members are passionate about; whether it’s promoting beer as the nation’s drink, or campaigning against increases to beer duty and businesses rates that are so damaging to community pubs. Its members are responsible for 90% of the beer brewed in Britain today and represent around 20,000 of the country’s pubs. They include international companies, family brewers, managed pubs and the nation’s largest tenanted pub estates.

The British Beer & Pub Association are keen supports of the Proof of Age Standards Scheme, which is a great way of making sure pub staff can check a customer’s age easily, without them needing valuable identification like a passport or driving licence.

British Institute of Innkeeping


“The British Institute of Innkeeping was established nearly 40 years ago, but today exists to support, inspire, celebrate and promote the diversity of talented individuals working in the licensed trade.

We now have a national network of over 8,000 like-minded members, working across all areas of the sector – from apprentices to barstaff, pub chefs, managers, tenants, lessees and freetraders.

We believe the PASS card scheme offers retailers and licensed trade businesses a recognisable benchmark for ensuring best practice when selling age restricted goods such as alcohol. We will continue to support and promote the scheme to our members and the wider licensed trade.”



The WSTA campaign for a vibrant and sustainable wine and spirit industry, helping to build a future in which alcohol is produced, sold and enjoyed responsibly. As part of that future we strongly support the widespread use of PASS cards as the preferred Proof of Age card.



The ACS recommends that its members accept PASS Cards as valid proof of age, along with passports and driving licences. The ACS is a key supporter of the PASS scheme which provides accreditation for the cards and is a member of PASSCO CiC, the governing body for the scheme.



“The Proof of Age Standards Scheme is a fantastic one. Industry-driven, it puts the safety and confidence of customers first and makes life easier for venues. The card comes with the approval of the Home Office and is yet to be forged. It offers a level of security and convenience that is yet to be replicated by other means, including through apps. PASS is a great example of how the hospitality industry can support its customers and we urge all our members, and the wider industry, to support it.”

Getting and Gaming Council