June 2014


Home Office minister launches new PASS Proof of Age Card

Norman Baker MP, Minister of State for Crime Prevention, launched the new PASS 18 plus card design today at Tiger Tiger in London’s West End.  He was joined by Chief Constable Adrian Lee, Licensing Lead for the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and Bill Butler, Chief Executive of the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

Introducing the changes, Robert Humphreys, Chair of PASS said “In future, all PASS cards issued to people over the age of 18 in England and Wales will be of a standard design (see picture) to ease recognition.  This is the most fundamental change to the PASS Proof of Age Scheme since its launch in 2001. During this time over 5 million cards have been issued and the PASS hologram is widely recognised and accepted in both the on and off trade.”

Norman Baker MP, Minister of State at the Home Office, said “Alcohol-fuelled harm costs society around £21billion a year and the coalition government is determined to significantly reduce this.

“The launch of the new Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) 18+ Design Standard is a major step forward in the prevention of alcohol abuse and associated anti-social behaviour by underage drinkers.”

“The new PASS cards will also lead to fewer people losing their passport on a night out, which in turn will reduce offences such as identity theft and fraud.”

“I encourage the security industry and all owners of licensed premises to get behind PASS and ensure the cards are accepted by their staff.”

Adrian Lee, Chief Constable of Northampton and Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) lead on licensing said “Enforcing the law on underage sale is a major policing priority. When I joined the PASS Board last year, I issued a challenge that PASS should adopt a single design for all cards issued to those aged 18 and over in England and Wales. One objective was to make it easier for Door Staff to identify cards outside venues when it is not only busy – but often dark.   I have been enormously impressed with the speed that the industry has responded to this challenge and convinced that this will be a major step forward in preventing under age sales.”

“Lost Passports cause a major problem not only for the owner but for the police should they fall into the hands of criminals.  It makes no sense for young people to take these valuable documents   into town for a night out.  I would like to see PASS become the preferred proof of age for the night time economy”.

Bill Butler, Chief Executive of the Security Industry Authority said “SIA licensed door supervisors have a difficult job to do, often in a challenging environment.   The PASS proof of age card has helped door staff carry out their duties in a responsible and effective way, and the new card design is a massive step forward in making PASS cards easy for door staff to recognise and accept.”